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My Journey in Executive Search

Growing up in France, I was always fascinated by the diversity of culture our world has to offer, and found myself living and working in Germany, Italy and Austria, before settling in London.

My pan-European background combined with my curiosity for business and people, and the richness of the encounters I’ve made, led me to become a headhunter 20 years ago. I started my career recruiting investment directors and partners for private equity and VC firms. I then moved my focus to the other side, working directly with the portfolio companies of PE- and VC-backed businesses, leading and delivering international searches. 

What drives me?

I truly appreciate the beauty in our differences; our unique personalities, values, drivers, sensibilities, and potential.

Getting to the heart of the real person is my passion. I love delving into the magic and energy we each emanate. The reciprocity between each individual, whether our team members, friends or family.

I am curious, what imprint are we each making on this world around us? How do some leaders manage to establish a deeper level of connection? What makes some founders more decisive than others?

What do I bring to the table?

I advise the CEOs of investor-backed businesses to structure and recruit their leadership teams. I feel incredibly fortunate to be the trusted confidant and advisor to many amazing, ambitious and inspiring CEOs and entrepreneurs. I love to deliver ‘zero mental charge’ - genuine peace of mind. With me on their side, my clients know they can remove this hire from the to-do list and focus on other business objectives.

My approach is results-driven and steadfast, matching the energy and commitment of my clients. I am determined and undeterred, delivering reliably and strategically, no matter how complex the challenge.

If I am not absolutely convinced I have found the right candidate, I keep going until I have. I think laterally, and have also had great success convincing candidates to be bold and make the move to relocate for the right position.

I feel honoured when clients ask me to take on further hires. On numerous occasions, I have realised entire GTM leadership teams. I am privileged also to be trusted by top tier investors who engage me to undertake portfolio leadership assessments, despite this not being my core craft.

How would my clients describe me?

Positive, reliable, efficient and truly European literate! A client recently told me that what he likes most about my approach, is my unique combination of British pragmatism, my German boldness and rigour, the French love for profound questioning central to my inquisitive nature, and my relaxed, spontaneous, ‘Italian’ style of communication.

My biggest takeaway?

One of the most important lessons I have learned of the many inspiring leaders I have met over the years, is that enthusiasm, ideas and talk are common. Commitment, execution and consistency are rare, and are the keys to success.

Outside of work..

To help me give out my best to this world, I make the development of my self consciousness and spiritual life a priority.

I love taking time for myself with a daily yoga practice. I let off steam running in London parks, and enjoy trying out different styles of meditation. At weekends you’ll find me enjoying the eclectic gastronomy of London and having a good laugh with other parents as I support my two young sons on the football pitch!

I make sure to give precedence to those essential, joyful and present moments spent with the people I love most. For me that means being a present mum, wife and caring friend.